This Healing potion is color changing! Turn the bottle upside down to reveal its magical swirls.

This potion has been bottled by Demaris Wakefield, one of the apprentice healer at the Royal Herbarium.

Phoenix Tears are an incredible rare potion ingredient but also one of the most powerful known antivenom, it is the only cure to Basilisk Venom.

This fiery 40mm enamel pin features beautiful pearlescent enamel in gold metal.

Stonemoss is a powerful ingredient that naturally grows on sites imbued with great magic essence. The stones can be crushed or shaved off and will add more power to any potions but the moss has a unique quality of retaining magic. Added to any potion, its effects will last up to 4 months.

These special stones will glow in the dark. You just need to keep the box open under the sunlight to recharge them and enjoy their magic!

This portrait is of the famous Potion Master Elphias Alastor Septimus Altham. He invented many of the most difficult potions and founded Stormcrowed, the renowned apothecary shop.

This A4 portrait has been printed on rolled canvas.

This Ministry of Magic issued permit certifies your abilities to handle dangerous potions and ingredients.

This pamphlet is in DL size (99x210mm) and printed on high quality smooth paper.

Most useful for creating wards and protective spells, these high quality Samhain Seeds have been harvested under a Hunter's Moon to retain their potency.

This glass tube is around 10x2cm in size.

This print is in A3 size (297 x 420 mm), it is digitally printed on thick (350 gsm) glossy paper and features gold foil.

The Potion Masters Guild was created in 1753, to advance the art of potion making and protect its secrets.

Essential for any Potion Masters, this Membership card is in A7 size and features eye-catching copper foil effect.

This tea towel featuring Magical Plants is 100% cotton and can be put in the washing machine.

This set of 3 collectible cards is printed on thick card and features a beautiful foil effect.