We are a team of 2 sisters passionately working on creating the best magical boxes and experience we possibly can !
Our company started with our wish to make every day life magical !


Jessica M.

Jemma is our production manager. She is in charge of the logistics, handling the inventory, keeping up with our manufactures, making sure everything runs smoothly.She also handcrafts a lot of our magical items, packages the boxes and makes sure each order is dispatched on time.


Virginia M.

Virginia is our designer behind all the artworks. She is in charge of distilling as much magic into our products as she can. She also helps handcrafting some of our magical items, answering our customers queries and packaging orders.


Our Products & Packaging

We are a vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly company. We make sure not to use any product coming from animals or that has been tested on animals.


We put a lot of care in the materials we use for our packaging. We only use 70% recycled plastic for our bubble wrap and clear bio-degradable and compostable bags made from vegetable starches (EN 13432) to protect our prints and paper replicas. All other packaging is cardboard or paper based. 

Please don't forget to recycle!