Mini Box

All Winterdale University students should have received their Admission Letter. You will find in it your travel tickets, a map of the area and the official supply list of everything you need to start your Magical Studies!

The first shop to visit is of course the Wandmaker's Shop! In there you can find awesome prints, like the one of the legendary Ashborn Wand!

This print is in A3 size (297 x 420 mm), it is digitally printed on thick (350 gsm) glossy paper.

Presented in a beautiful velvet lined box, this Potion is an essential for all Magizoologists and will protect them from Dragons or Sea Serpents bites.

Stormcrowe has been known for their potion making mastery for hundreds of years and Venom Antidotes are one of their specialty.

Ortelius is the most famous Map maker of enchanted maps. With its velvety texture and gold foil, this Northern Sky Map has also been enchanted to orient itself as soon as you step outside under the night sky.

This poster is in A3 size (297 x 420 mm), features beautiful gold foiling and has been printed on high quality paper with a soft touch lamination overlay to protect it.

The Occult Emporium specializes in the Divinitory Arts.

This notebook is an essential tool in your path toward unveiling your future.

Featuring a beautiful illustration of a Divination book, this A5 (148 x 210mm) notebook contains 64 lined pages of thick 120gsm paper.

Keep in touch with your fellow witches and wizards thanks to this Letter Writing Set.

This set contains 10 Letter Paper Sheets, 5 Natural Envelopes and 5 Magical Stamps all presented in a beautiful folder.

Set your goals and tasks for the day with this magical notepad. Each page contains multiple sections for important events, favourite potions recipes or things to remember, as well as check off lists so you won't forget anything ever again!

This notepad contains 50 pages in A5 size (148 x 210 mm).

Bring some magic to your friends and family with this lovely set of postcards from the Souvenir Shop!

This set contains 3 magical postcards in A6 size (105 x 148 mm), printed on thick 350gsm paper.

Maxi Box

The Maxi Box includes all the items above and these 3 new items :

This Apothecary Potions Kit from Norland's Apothecary is an essential item to learn the art of potion-making and start building your potions cabinet. Presented in a beautiful wooden box, you will find here only the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected and mixed together to obtain the best results.

This Kit contains 2 Cockatrice Eggs, a vial of Crystallized Dragon Blood, a bottle of Gold Butcher's Broom Leaves, a pouch of Dried Lavender Buds and a vial of Sleeping Draft Base Formula.

Do not forget to stop by the most magical sweets shop in Edinburgh for a little sugary treat!

This print features all your favourite childhood treats from Sugar Pumpkins to Flying Cupcakes, not forgetting the most popular Dragon Eggs!

This print is in A3 size (297 x 420 mm), it is digitally printed on thick (350 gsm) glossy paper.

This beautiful ceramic mug features an illustration of all the shops on Castle Wynd. It is the perfect memento of your visit in the most magical street of Edinburgh!

This mug is made out of high quality ceramic, it can hold 10oz/284ml and is dishwasher and microwave safe.